Quadro Powder Disperser

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Quadro Powder Disperser

Manufacturer Quadro
Model ZC0
Serial Number ZC0-0027R
Year 2004
RPM 6500
Power 3 HP
Capacity 3-12 gpm (11-45 lpm) Liquid/ 14 kgpm Powder
Inlet/Discharge fitting 1 inch
Details CIP Capability

Dramatic powder & batch time savings A near perfect vacuum is created in the ZC’s reactor housing, promoting high speed incorporation rates and up to 70% solids flow by weight in a single pass with minimal air entrainment. Powder is completely hydrated after passing through the Disperser, which maximizes product yield and reduces/eliminates waste.

The high speed dispersion and hydration performance of the ZC technology can reduce batch times up to 90%, while eliminating the need for dispersion aids such as preheating the liquid phase, or pre-dispersing ingredients into a non-aqueous solvent. Even with difficult products such as hydrocolloid gums, cellulose gums and carbomers, complete dispersion is achieved in a single pass.


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