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Managing Director: Paul Webb

“G Webb Automation was founded by George Webb in 1974. George has spent most of his working life involved in the design and development of packaging machinery, spending his early years as chief design engineer at Autopack, at the time a leading company in the food and powder filling industry. Because of his foresight and commitment, G Webb Automation has in turn become a force to be reckoned with in this industry.

G Webb Automation has become established as a world leader in the design and manufacture of quality packaging equipment.

Right from the beginning, quality was placed as a top priority, along with ease of use and reliability, without compromising accuracy or performance. Advanced manufacturing techniques are employed to ensure maximum productivity and controls, in the concept and subsequent production of the entire range of our equipment. This includes extensive use of computer aided design and manufacturing equipment.

Our in house design and software technicians ensure that we provide you with the most advanced facilities, incorporating the latest state of the art microprocessor technology in our current range of packaging solutions.”


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UV Tunnel

Weigh Filling



Mini Fill

Bulk Feed Elevator

Bag Sealer

Automatic Bucket Filler





























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