We are also able to provide and source Urschel Blades to suit your requirement.

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Urschel GK-A

The Model GK-A produces crinkle slices, three-dimensional cuts having four crinkle surfaces, and plain cuts from a variety of fruits and vegetables. This machine is especially suited for the production of crinkle french fry strips from potatoes.


Urschel OV


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hopper feed
  • 16.625″ diameter slicing wheel
  • Accepts products up to 2.75″ diameter
  • 22 blade cutting head assembly
  • Ideal for slicing vegetables in flat or crinkle slices from 1/16 to 1-3/4 inches
  • Outfeed height: 30 inches
  • Tubular frame
  • Casters

Factory control panel w/ safety disconnects, product hold down belt, 3 HP 230/460 volt motor.



Urschel 30 

The Urschel® Model 30 crosscut slicer cuts across the length of elongated products while minimizing short end pieces. This slicer cuts elongated products such as green or wax beans, asparagus, okra, celery, carrots, and rhubarb.

Maximum infeed product entering either machine should not exceed 8″ (203 mm) in length. Different style feed hoppers are available for use with different products. The machine features continuous operation for uninterrupted production, and simplified design for easy cleanup and maintenance.


Urschel GRL

A high-capacity, industrial potato strip cutter designed specifically for strip cutting plain and crinkle cut potato strips / french fries for longer cuts with greatly reduced fines. Manufacturer rates for potatoes up to 9 inches (230 mm) in length. A two-dimensional cutter: Slice thickness knob adjustable up to 9/16 inch (14.3mm).



Urschel CC

For thin slices, shredding and potato sticks

High efficiency cutter able to produce flat and crinkle slices. It can also shreds and granulates depending on the type of cutting blade.

Size of cut is 0.8mm to 3mm.

Product drops into a hopper, then moves into a centrifugal slicer. It then slides over a series of eight knives in the slicing head at a smooth continuous pace.


Urschel RA-D Dicer

The Model RA-D is a versatile dicing machine capable of a wide dice size range. A positive method of cutting, together with a wide selection of speeds and knife styles enables the Model RA-D to give excellent results on a variety of cheeses and meats. Maximum input product is 3-1/2″ (88.9 mm) in any dimension. Precut product if necessary. The Model RA-D features continuous operation for uninterrupted production, and simplified design for easy cleanup and maintenance.

Successful cutting of cheese depends upon product temperature, moisture content, and selection of the suitable machine speed. Many applications are successful with proper technical assistance and preparation of product samples for testing.