Belshaw Fryer

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Manufacturer Belshaw
Model 718LCG
Serial Number W4759CHNH
Power NAT Gas
Gas input 44000 BTU/hr
Details All Purpose Fryer for any products that can be fried in shallow oil

Donut fryer with optional mounted cutter, cutter column already installed.

Frying area 46cm x 66cm

2x Frying Screen with handles

This industry standard donut fryer is used by donut shops and bakeries all over North America and the world! The fryer holds 24 standard size cake or yeast-raised donuts and has a capacity of approximately 65-80 dozen donuts/hour. The standard 718LCG model uses an electrical source for electronic ignition. 718LFG model does not require an electrical connection.

·        Drain tray on right side of fryer. Can be moved to left side

·        Drain and valve with exterior handle to empty shortening


Manual Yes (Brochure)
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